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Balloon printing

Let's print your logo on balloons from 1 AED!

About service

Balloon printing is a modern way of conducting mass marketing campaigns to promote a new product or service, as well as to increase brand awareness for an organization and company to improve the brand image.

Such attributes of advertising campaigns are not only information carriers, but also favorite holiday accessories for children.

Balloons with a logo attract attention, they cannot be hidden in a pocket, and a person with a balloon with a trademark applied to it automatically becomes an advertising distributor.

We print on balloons from the world's leading balloon manufacturers. Here you can order balloons with a logo, inscription or individual image printing. Production allows you to fulfill orders with a volume of 100 pieces in a period of 3 working days.

If necessary, you can use the additional services of our company and inflate the balloons with air or helium, as well as purchase sticks with a holder.

Completed projects

Real photos of our work

Service prices

Best offer for you

Type of printing
100-300 pcs301-500 pcs
501-1000 pcs
1001-2000 pcs
1 side
5 AED / pc3.2 AED / pc2.7 AED / pc2.25 AED / pc
2 sides same image
6.5 AED / pc4.5 AED / pc4.2 AED / pc3.45 AED / pc
2 sides different picture
8.5 AED / pc5.2 AED / pc4.6 AED / pc3.75 AED / pc
*Price includes latex balloon 12” made in Colombia, Sempertex brand (fashion, matte, metallic).
*Printing on chrome balloons - additional 0.5 AED / balloon.
*Orders for runs over 2,000 pcs. calculated individually.

Stick and cup: 1 AED / pc

Service benefits

Honest opinion of customers

- Wide range of balloon colors

- Drawing intricate drawings

- Affordable prices

- Printing from 3 working days

- Printable on both sides

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